Transformational Leadership (TL) delivered to you by Lydia Connect

The Transformational Leadership training program is a unique proprietary system of developing a common culture that removes constraints, drives unity, and empowers individual role clarity and leadership.

We pull back and remove constraints and empower people to maximize potential, relationships, profits and purpose in an organizational setting. The TL training is very interactive and experiential. The method includes (group) assignments, demonstrations and a specific action plan.

Origin of TL / Trainers team

TL originated from principles that have been tested and refined in practice. Through years of development, the training is compressed into 2 days. TL is regularly used as a turnaround strategy for companies.

Lydia Connect is part of the international Transformational Leadership team. This team is comprised of executives who have spent years refining and developing their relationship skills, training methods, and business models. The team includes presidents, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, facilitators, and coaches who have broad expertise in sales, marketing, operations, finance, and human resources, as well as extensive experience in team building and training.

Learning Outcomes

  1. To identify and remove individual and team constraints which are barriers to success for public and private companies, educational and inspirational organizations and social enterprises
  2. To identify personal growth constraints and to understand the origin of these constraints
  3. To gain the necessary tools required to become transformational leaders and agents of change in their chosen arenas
  4. To generate leadership style in personal and professional spheres of influence
  5. To transform companies in the following ways: employees, teams, partnerships, boards and other areas of engagement

The result is better relationships, more turnover and profit!

Topics Addressed

  • Core Business Functional Foundations
  • Improving Employee Relationships
  • Defining Organizational Models
  • Understanding Growth versus Sustaining Revenue
  • Reducing High Employee Turnover &
    Avoiding Hiring and Firing Mistakes
  • Overcoming Personal & Organizational Constraints
  • Delegation and Empowerment
  • Characteristics of a Productive Team
  • Dealing with Difficult Colleagues and Clients


  • Organizational Development
  • Understanding the Dynamics of Change
  • Maximizing Organizational Effectiveness
    in a Culture Shift
  • Aligning Organizational Goals
  • Restructuring for Growth
  • Interpersonal Development
  • Relationship Management
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Team Building for Results

Target Audience

CEO’s, Executives, Managers, Employees, Entrepreneurs, Business & Government Leaders. This is for anyone who wants to understand how to identify, address and remove personal, family, team, organisational, national and systemic contraints that stop transformation from occurring. Removing these contraints allows transformation to occur and encourages healthy, trusting relationships to grow that will result in improved morale, increased productivity, sustained profitability and cultural change.

Teaching Methods

There are multiple ways the training can be delivered to your organization or business. The price list is available on request, simply click “contact us” below and mention you want to receive the price list.

Live Training

The live training is delivered at the clients’ premises or conference venue. The delivery of the content will be linked to real situations and scenarios so that the output is immediately applicable and implementable.

Group Facilitation

This service is using the TL on Demand (TLOD) platform in a group setting and has different variations: classroom (online and in person), executive roundtables and a 7 modules culture change training.

Individual Training

TL on Demand (TLOD) is a platform accessible 24×7 to go through the TL training, you can access it anytime anywhere. This is a great tool as follow-up of a group facilitation or live training; reference material to go back to.

Live Training

The live training is delivered at the clients’ premises or public conference venue. The delivery of the content will be linked into real situations and scenarios that the client is facing so that the output is immediately applicable and implementable into the client environment. The training classes are in person (2 days). A minimum and maximum number of participants does apply. Alumni of this training receive a discount for TLOD.

Group Facilitation

The group facilitation offers three possibilities. It is based on the virtual TLOD platform and Lydia Connect facilitates the classes/sessions with exercises, discussion groups and interactive questioning.

TLOD Facilitated Classes

The training classes can be online (12 sessions of 1.5-2 hours) and in person (2 days). A minimum and maximum number of participants does apply. The pricing includes access to TLOD for 3 months.

TL Shift

The training classes are in person (12 sessions of 1.5-2 hours) specific for executive round table groups. Contact us for detailed pricing based on number of sessions and persons. We aim to keep the groups small to achieve maximum effect. We always include access to TLOD for several months.

TL Culture Change (7 modules)

The training classes are in person (7 courses of 2-3 hours) specific for companies. A maximum number of participants does apply.

Individual Training

The TLOD environment is a virtual platform where you can follow the full TL training. Please click below image to register.

Price is $ 29 a month or $ 299 annually. Prices include VAT.

Transformational Leadership Testimonials

“Our employees are freed from the behaviors that kept them from being productive.”

“As a result of this training, our leaders are encouraged and willing to empower others because their egos are no longer in the way.”

“Our company has seen a 50% growth in revenue solely due to the training and employees being more productive and enjoying their professional lives as well as their personal lives.”

“We are the recipients of the Better Business Bureau’s 2006 Torch award for Marketplace Ethics due to the training programs that assist employees in carrying out established ethics politics.”

“Our company grew from 3.7 M to 7.2 M in one year. Without the training, we would have imploded.”

“One division which recently completed the training was more profitable in one month than they did in the previous eight months prior to the training.”

“The personal transformation has been incredible and has made the professional transformation even more powerful.”

“Once we learned to deal with constraints, we’ve been able to move through difficult situations much more effectively with little to no down time. It is now much easier to deal with tough customers and employees—and every company has them.”

We elevate true leaders beyond limitations.

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